Community Connections and Lychee Tree

The garden veggies are growing beautifully!  Greens have been producing for a while. Fruits like tomatoes have been ripening!  Fifty pounds of Chinese cabbage was harvested and brought to the food bank last week.  We planted the beds of our neighbors across the street at the Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital  with collard greens, swiss chard and lettuce for their animals. And we purchased and planted a lychee tree to grow up with us and provide fruits and shade for our sitting area!


Lee got and planted the lychee tree!


One response to “Community Connections and Lychee Tree

  1. Hi! My name is Joe. I stopped by the garden today and spoke to a couple of people who were tending to their plots. Both seem to think that one plot is currently available (plot 30) and that another plot would be available soon because someone is moving away. I called last week and left a voicemail but have yet to hear from anyone. If a plot becomes available I would be interested in renting for the duration of this season. Please let me know. Email – Ph# 954-204-2874

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