Garden plots are Full

Folks, we are full:  ALL our plots have been rented for the season.  We have happily growing plants and gardeners… The weather is delicious and it is so beautiful in the garden.  Come visit and see the tomatoes ripening, cool-season baby lettuces sprouting, bold cabbages emerging…. beautiful flowers all around, and butterflies…  We hold yoga in the garden twice a month, with gatherings after.  We do planting and maintaining in the general areas together.  We are very grateful for the talented and dedicated new crop of gardeners we have gathered this season.  Welcome to all of you!


4 responses to “Garden plots are Full

  1. Sounds like your season is off to a great start! Congratulations!

  2. Hi, I tried sending an email to the address provided in the contact us section but unfortunately it said it could not be delivered. I am wondering if you have any available plots, or if I could be put on the waiting list. Let me know, thank you!

    • Hi, yes – the address has not been working, we hope to resolve that shortly…. Yes, we can put you on the waiting list, we will contact you shortly. Sorry about the long delay in responding!

    • Ale – we are working on figuring out why we are not getting our mail… We are, however, receiving voice mails – so please call us at 754-200-1788 and leave us your phone #/email and we will get back to you VERY promptly!

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