Time to Renew

Already we are planting seeds. Before we know it, it will be time for plants…

New This Year: Community Gardening Area

This year, besides individual plots, which have yielded a beautiful multiplicity of food, color and burgeoning friendships, we will also be planting a large circular wheel/mandala garden whose intention is for organizations and groups  to be responsible for a “slice,” planting food plants and some beneficial flowers, and donating the proceeds to food banks.

We are also designing common areas  with plants that will beautify, attract and feed native butterflies, birds, beneficial insects and humans, discourage harmful insects,  provide wind-break and shelter, and yield opportunities for community education and service.

Come renew or sign up for a garden plot (click tab for garden plot contract at the top) or volunteer for the common garden area.


Join us on facebook, usually the first place to learn about garden events and workdays.  See the link on the right.


3 responses to “Time to Renew

  1. That sounds really beautiful. I hope you’ll post some photos of the mandala.

  2. Cheryl Harker Devlin

    The Medicine Wheel is a fantastic idea & tool to demonstrate the healing power of plants! Anyone who care’s to- here’s a book you may want to pick-up in your travels-I purchased one for a gift at graduation for my Professor who taught my Naturalist class it’s called: American Indian Medicine By Virgil J. Vogel ISBN 0-8061-2293-5 University Of Oklahoma Press. …”About 170 drugs which have been or still are being used are Official in the Pharmacopoeia Of The United States, or the National Formulary were originally used by North American Indians…”

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