What’s Blooming Right Now

Sapphire Showers is one name for this beautiful plant because of the multitude of cascading blossoms that cover it. It is a butterfly attractor and lately has been feeding some Queens. It also goes by other names such as Golden Dew Drops, Golden Berries and it’s Latin name Duranta erecta. It can grow over 6 feet tall and 5 feet wide and will bloom off and on during the year. When the blooms are gone, yellow berries will take their place. After trimming the berries, blossoms will appear again after awhile. The pictures do not do it justice.

Corona Reflections

We mourn those who have died, and think about their loved ones. We think about those who are struggling with prolonged and serious illnesses from the virus, and with economic stress.

The COVID-19 quarantine has brought shutdown of other outdoor places. So people have been absolutely delighted and really appreciative to discover our oasis. Many comment on the peace and serenity they experience here.  

Also, the pandemic is helping more people than ever realize the importance of learning about growing food sustainably, and they are excited to learn how much abundance of beautiful plants we can grow here sustainably.   

In the vast majority of cases, people are being respectful and following guidelines.

Many also wanted to help out in the garden once we are more fully open again.  

The Helena Ramsay Memorial Garden

When tragedy struck our community with the Stoneman Douglas shooting on Feb 14, 2018, it also struck our garden personally, as one of the seventeen who perished was the daughter of one of our gardeners.

Out of this enormous, tragic loss came the memorial garden, to honor Helena’s life and the lives of the others who were killed. It is also dedicated to the 17 physically wounded, and all those wounded in any way. It is a sanctuary for the community.

For our opening event, in November of 2018, we held a a community tree planting, planting 17 bamboo trees in memory of the 17 who were murdered.

A community of gardeners and many other volunteers built the labyrinth the following year.  We are slowly completing the sustainable landscaping around it. The Helena Freja Ramsay Memorial Garden, is also dedicated to the 17 physically wounded, and to all those wounded in any way. It is a beautiful, serene, replenishing place to just be.




An update: July 2020

It is hard to know where to start! With everything going on, this blog became inactive.  It’s hard to believe that this is the first post in almost 4 years!

But we have been in the garden all this time: planting seeds, bringing in beautiful edible and beneficial plants for us, bees, birds, and our ecosystem in general. We have had gatherings and maintenance days and pot lucks with what we grew and classes on sustainable gardening. We have been providing a beautiful, serene, natural space for people to gather, to learn about edible and other important plants that thrive in our climate, and to connect in the process.



A New Gardening Year/Season

Somehow, a new season is almost upon us!  We just uploaded this year’s gardening agreement, 2016-2017.  And we are already almost full!  More and more people have learned about the garden, and have called or emailed us in the last couple of months to get on the waiting list.   Our email address is cscomgarden@gmail.com, and our phone number is 754-200-1788.   Hard to believe almost a year has gone by since we updated this blog.  Most of our social media updates happen on our Facebook Group –  Rotary Community Garden and Food Forest of Coral Springs.  But we will soon add some photos and summaries from this past year.  Here’s to a great season!


We are Full

Even though there are no more boxes to rent for the season, please feel free to come visit us, volunteer and participate in our events.  We usually have a couple of “dropouts” and sometimes have vacant boxes available in the New Year.  Check back with us.

Garden Box Build

Coral Springs Rotarians, high schoolers and other volunteers joined our gardeners in building twenty new garden boxes to replace the original twenty.  We made connections over the hard, heavy work in the heat and mud!  We are thankful  to all the hands that helped get it done.  We are fortunate to have such a supportive community!

Photos by Cheryl Harker Devlin

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zoegloriousmudboxessept15 Continue reading

Fall 2015 Season is here: There are a few garden boxes left.

We are rapidly approaching the end of summer, at least as far as renewing and signing up for garden contracts is concerned.  Some of our more avid gardeners have been harvesting summer crops like sweet potatoes and okra.

Time to plant Fall annuals. It is the season where we become much more active!

Many gardeners are renewing, some are not.  There are several people who have moved away, whether within the state or out of it, and we will miss them!  We have new gardeners signing up at a brisk place.  We still have a few boxes left, but they will be going quickly!  Please download the Garden Box Agreement from its page on this site, and review it.

We have two different signup events over the course of the next several weeks:

Sunday, September 13, 10 am to 2 pm

Saturday, September 19, 8 to 10 am.

Also, we are in the garden during the week, and on Sundays and are happy to meet up with interested potential gardeners then.

Call us at 754-200-1788 or email us at cscomgarden@gmail.com with your interest and info.

Stay tuned for gardening education and work/social events

Installing our First Food Forest Patch!

Food Forest Garden Blitz


Rotary Coral Springs Community Garden,

2575 Sportsplex Drive, across from Athletic fields

Saturday, May 16, 2015

8:30 am until 12 noon.

Creating beds of mulch and compost,

Planting fruit trees and shrubs

Potluck lunch

Brief talk on Edible Forest gardening

Bring some food to share, your own utensils and container to reduce waste, if possible, closed shoes, hat, sunscreen, gloves.  There will be water.

Contact: 754-200-1788; cscomgarden@gmail.com

EarthFest 2015

This year the city’s  EarthFest is across the street at our neighbors, the Sawgrass Nature Center, this Saturday, April 18, from 9-1.   It is the first time EarthFest is being held there, and the first time that our community garden is specifically mentioned as part of EarthFest.  We’ve come a long way in developing relationships with wonderful people and organizations in the city!

We will have a booth at the Nature Center, and we will take people on tours of our community garden from 10-11 am.  There will be a certain number of native milkweed plants, and herbs for people to take home.